At S&W we can offer you flexibility with your choice selection as we can provide KCMA Certified All
Wood Severe Use Cabinetry
designed specifically for multi-unit housing applications.  Below you
will find detailed cabinet construction specifications for our Severe Use Cabinetry.  Please
contact us
today for your current and upcoming projects.
Our Severe Use all wood Cabinets are KCMA Certified.  
This allows them to be used in severe use applications
and projects.  Click on the Icon for more information on
this certification or visit
KCMA Certified All Wood Severe Use Cabinetry
American Traditions All Wood
Manufactured Cabinetry
"Certified All Wood Construction at an Affordable Price"
Color Options Available for Severe Use:
Dark Birch
Medium Birch
Light Birch
Dark Oak
Medium Oak
Light Oak