Located at 490 Cummins Dr., Chaffee, MO  63740     (MAP)      Call: (573) 887-3100  Contact us on FB Messenger HERE                                                                          HOURS: Monday-Friday 8-5     Saturday & Evenings by appt.

HUGE AUCTION at S&W Cabinets

S&W Auction

HUGE AUCTION at S&W Cabinets

Don’t miss the HUGE AUCTION at S&W Cabinets

September 12  –  9:30 am

1120 Cummins Dr., Chaffee, MO

Phone: (573) 887-3100

Hundreds of cabinets, countertops, and vanities.  Thousands of pre-finished cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  These can be used for your cabinets or for craft projects. Witty crafters use the back side of a cabinet door and stencil it 😉 Same can be done on a drawer front. 

Huge Auction at S&W Cabinets