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Choosing The Right Countertop

countertop selections

Choosing the Right Countertop can consume your mind for weeks if you let it. Here are some tips to help you decide.

Let’s cover some of the most popular choices. Quartz, Granite, Marble, Solid Surface, and Laminate.

QUARTZ: is a man made material (also called engineered stone) and is non-porous so it resists staining much better than granite, marble and concrete. It stands up to juice, oil, wine, tomato, coffee and other sources of stains in the kitchen. Quartz countertops are manufactured from 93% quartz (also a component of granite countertops) and a binding resin. They are scratch, heat and stain resistant.

GRANITE: is the traditional favorite for kitchen countertops with thousands of unique colors and patterns, proven durability, and lasting value. Granite is a natural stone that can withstand direct heat from hot pans, nearly impossible to scratch, and is stain-resistant. Most granite colors will need sealing to help prevent stains, although some varieties do not require it. Once sealed, a granite countertop is a low-maintenance material that is difficult to damage. Just follow some simple cleaning procedures.

MARBLE: is beautiful and for some, the epitome of luxury. White marble, like Calacatta and Carrara marble are the most sought after varieties, but a full range of colors are available. Marble is softer than granite, which makes it more susceptible to scratches. Marble countertops do etch easily though and most people mistake etching for staining.  So, you’ll probably want to learn more about how to clean marble and the needed maintenance before installing it, particularly for kitchen countertops. Marble is far less troublesome for bathroom countertops.

SOLID SURFACE: Corian® and Wilsonart®  are popular brands of Solid Surface Countertops.  The blending of acrylic polymers with stone-derived materials (like marble) makes for a durable, versatile, and repairable solid surface kitchen or bathroom countertop. They resist stains pretty well, but are easily scratched by knives or dented by pots and pans and they can be damaged by heat. So what’s the good news? The stains and scratches in Corian® and Wilsonart® can be sanded or buffed away, it can be installed without visible seams, and sinks can be molded right into the surface as one piece. Many patterns and textures are even made to look like stone.

LAMINATE: has come a long way over the last several years and there are some very beautiful colors to choose from as well as edges. While it can’t compete with granite or quartz, the similarities as far as looks are amazing. It’s hard to tell the difference in some cases, not to mention that it is a fraction of the cost. Laminate countertops don’t handle high heats very well and can scratch and chip, but overall they are pretty durable and good choice for anyone on a budget. At the price of laminate, you can afford to replace it every few years for a different look.

Stop by our Showroom any time to take a look at the many samples of these materials that we have in stock. Our highly trained professionals are here to help.