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Marcus Seyer

Marcus J Seyer

Sept. 14, 1929 – Dec. 15, 2021

Marcus and Virginia Seyer Wedding Photo

United in Marriage
October 21, 1950

Virginia Seyer

Virginia L. (Westrich) Seyer

Jan. 2, 1932 – Jan. 9, 2022

Marcus J. Seyer, 92, of Rockview, Missouri departed this life on Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at his home. He was born in Rockview on September 14, 1929 to the late Fred Seyer and Alvina Ziegler Seyer.

Virginia L. (Westrich) Seyer of Rockview, Missouri departed this life on Sunday, January 9, 2022 at her home to be with her loving husband. She was born in Chaffee on January 2, 1932 to the late Gregory Westrich and Josephine Glency Westrich.

Marcus is a 1948 graduate from Chaffee High School. Marcus developed a love of home construction at an early age. Taking his love of construction with him, Marcus went on to study at the Chicago Technical College in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated May, 1950. Saved examination sheets shows that he excelled in all course work. Original draft documents and paperwork from the Technical College are currently on display at the offices of his company S&W Cabinets.

Course Work
CTC Course Work

Virginia graduated from 8th grade at St. Ambrose Catholic School. She worked at Florsheim Shoe Factory in Chaffee.

After graduating from Chicago Technical College, Marcus brought the knowledge earned and the love of wood back to his hometown. He began working with his father-in-law Gregory Westrich in 1950, just before marrying Mr. Westrich’s daughter, lovely Virginia. The duo of Westrich and Seyer had found a niche in the home construction in custom cabinetry. Eventually they went on to create the partnership of S&W Cabinets in 1954.

S&W Truck 1
S&W Truck #2
S&W Truck #3

Virginia married the love of her life, Marcus, on October 21, 1950 at St. Ambrose Parish in Chaffee, Missouri and they began a family together. Marcus always claimed to have gotten the cream of the crop in sweet Virginia. The loving couple were blessed with six children: Patricia Little, Steve Seyer, Linda (Jerry) Lee, Richard (Julie) Seyer, and Rodger (Shellie) Seyer, all of Chaffee; and Tim (Janel) Seyer of Pacifica, California.

Marcus and Virginia Seyer Wedding Photo

In 1974, the next generation of Seyers stepped into the cabinetry business. Continuing their fathers strive for quality products, Steve, Richard, and Rodger continue to work the day to day operations of S&W Cabinets today. The company became nationwide, including four different cabinet industries with three successful cabinet divisions. All three divisions are operated from Chaffee Missouri.

Seyer Family Photo

Their hometown has always been important to the Seyers, with Marcus actively involved with various groups and organizations. Marcus was a volunteer fire fighter for the Chaffee Fire Department for more than 15 years, and at one time serving as Chief. When his sons reached at the appropriate age, Marcus got involved with the local Boy Scouts of America organization by serving as Cub Scout Master.

Fireman Outfit

Marcus and Virginia were proud to be an active participant in the Chaffee Historical Society. Marcus was actively promoting the City of Chaffee through donations of local antique items that are now on display around the town. He was involved with the Society, jumping in any time repairs or updates were needed. Virginia was responsible for the Chaffee Historical Society Lemon Shake Up Stand at the Chaffee German Day celebrations held annually. Both, Marcus and Virginia were lifelong members of the Chaffee Historical Society.

Marcus was also a lifelong member of the Local Elks 1810. He was a 60 plus year member of the Chaffee Rotary and spent a lot of time as part of the Chaffee Bowling League. Marcus would say bowling was never the same when the bowling lanes were removed from Chaffee.

Marcus was a member of the Antique Car Club of Cape Girardeau. He was very active, and at one time Marcus had acquired at least 20 antique cars. This love of antique cars is only surpassed with his love of firetrucks.

Seyer Blue Truck

Virginia had her own love of antiques, proudly displaying numerous items in their home. Marcus was known for attending auctions and buying boxes of treasures. He could never refuse his wife taking from his treasures to put on display.

Another treasure of Virginia’s is porcelain dolls. She loved a good yard sale as much as Marcus loved the auctions. Virginia has accumulated over 50 porcelain dolls.

Over the years, Marcus acquired fire trucks and would proudly use them in local and regional parades. Approximately 60 years ago, Marcus purchased the original City of Chaffee fire truck from the City when it was time for an upgrade. Marcus purchased the 1936 Dodge when the City purchased a 1954 Dodge. Later, in 1970 Marcus purchased the 1954 Dodge fire truck when the City purchased a 1970 Ford fire truck. In approximately 2000, Marcus’ children made a special birthday presentation, having purchased the 1970 Ford fire truck. All three of these fire trucks, as well as others, remain in possession of and are considered a treasure to the family today.

1931 Fire Truck
1931 Fire Truck
1936 Fire Truck
1936 Fire Truck

In addition to fire trucks, Marcus fondly filled the S&W Cabinets offices with firefighting paraphernalia. This includes toy fire trucks, cast iron antique toy items, patches, and other items such as helmets. His love of firefighting is found in lots of crooks and crannies in various locations.

While Marcus was attending auctions and chasing down fire trucks, Virginia was busy with her own interests, which included designing and creating crafts such as wreaths, candle holders, Santa Claus figurines, and lots of fun Christmas decorations. She had participated in craft shows for over 20 years. Virginia loved spending time making the crafts, but most of her joy came from the happiness of the excited person taking her items to their new home.

Virginia Seyer with Crafts
Red Christmas Tree Crafts

Another love of Marcus’ was cameras he collected. Such familiar names as Brownie and Kodak, which are still on display at the S&W Cabinets’ office. These include an antique movie recorder, photo camera, flash bulbs and more items related to this collection.

Camera Picture
Marcus Seyer Camera

Marcus began saving used tools from his and his father-in-law’s work over the years. These items are also on display at the company offices. Such items collected include hundreds of planers, protractors, angle dividers, bevels, as well as a carpenter folding ruler.

Some of the most loved items Marcus was passionate about are found all over the City of Chaffee. He would build replicas of local businesses. They have been on loan to businesses around town for decades. Each of his children received one of the replicas of a building in Chaffee.

Memphis Redbird

On August 26, 2016 Marcus and 26 members of the Seyer family traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to watch the Memphis Redbirds and the Omaha Storm Chasers. It was at this game Marcus was honored to deliver the game ball to the mound for first pitch. He was accompanied by Wonder Woman and Rocky Redbird.

Marcus had a love of sports and enjoyed a good St. Louis Cardinals game. His all-time favorite baseball team was always the Atlanta Braves and his favorite football team was the Miami Dolphins. While Marcus was seen around the town of Chaffee in a number of antique cars and trucks, everyone knew who was coming down the road when he drove his Miami Dolphins truck.

Dolphin Truck

Virginia had her own favorite sports teams. The St. Louis Cardinals were her favorite baseball team and the two of them could get along just enough to watch and cheer on the Cardinals together. However, the competition heated up when the Kansas City Chiefs (Virginia’s favorite after the St. Louis Rams left town) played the Miami Dolphins.

Above all other sports teams, Virginia loved nothing more than to watch her many grandkids play sports such as football, baseball, softball, and basketball as well as many other activities they were involved in. She was not only found in the stands in Chaffee, Virginia was the first to be in the car going to out of town activities. She was always on hand to cheer on the grandkids.

Marcus loved the outdoors. Over six decades ago, shortly after their marriage, Marcus convinced his lovely Virginia to allow him to save pennies to purchase land in small parcels at a time. Before she knew it, Virginia’s children, grandchildren and, now, great grandchildren had land to enjoy for hunting, fishing, riding four-wheelers and spending time together.

Seyer Pond
Seyer Farm

Virginia loved having all the family together every Sunday at their home, serving such delicacies as chicken and dumplings, kettle beef, dressing and an overabundance of desserts. Marcus and Virginia loved spending those Sundays with their family. Many times, Virginia was found to be teaching the grandkids how to cook some of her favorite foods.

Cooking Chicken & Dumplings

Marcus was also a veteran of the United States Navy Reserve. Shortly after graduating from the Chicago Technical College and upon his return to Rockview, Marcus dedicated to serve his country in the Navy. To this day, the hat still fits.

Marcus Navy Hat

Virginia was proud of attaining the Platinum Level at the local casino. Supporting the cause was her number one love after her family. She loved getting the rewards from the casino. Virginia was an avid traveler having gone to such places as Branson numerous times, Nashville, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and California as well as many other places. Her favorite joy was traveling with her kids and eventually, her grandkids.

Virginia Seyer at Casino

Their children blessed the couple with 11 grandchildren: Andy Wilhite, Christy (Joe) Hendrix, Stephanie Seyer, Abigail (Clark) Cossou, Bryan (Rachel) Lee, Richard (Erin) Seyer, Seth Seyer, twins Sydney and Connor Seyer, Regina (Dylan) Cooper, and Hannah (Dillon) Kilburn

Eight great grandchildren: Madelyn Hendrix, Isabelle Seyer, Carter Cossou, Carli Cossou, Ross Cossou, Eliza Seyer, Weston Cooper, and Ginny Kilburn.

Four step grandchildren: Tamara (Eli) Poblitz, Nathan (Dani) Rios; and four step great grandchildren: Shane and Dylan Poblitz; and Emma and Alexa Rios.

Marcus and Virginia are survived by their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Marcus is also survived by one brother, Arthur J. Seyer of Arnold, Missouri, and by one sister, Betty Glastetter of Oran.

Besides both of their parents, Marcus was preceded in death by one brother, Robert Seyer, and one sister, Rosemary Elfrink. Virginia was preceded in death by two sisters, Margaret Compas and Imogene Gouge. The couple were also preceded in death by one step great grandchild, Alex Rios.

The City of Chaffee will not be the same without Marcus and Virginia Seyer at the local breakfast spot to share today’s happenings with their friends and neighbors.

Marcus and Virginia were an integral part of the fabric that made us the company we are today. S&W Cabinet’s employees will forever treasure the time they have had over the years with both of them.

Dance on, Mom and Dad.

Marcus and Virginia Seyer dancing

Always Loved; Forever Treasured

Memorable Photos

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus J Seyer

Virginia and Marcus Seyer

The Seyer family

Richard, Steve, Marcus, and Rodger Seyer