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Got Clutter?

Got clutter? Of course you do, Who doesn’t!

The thing about clutter is that we don’t have to keep looking at it. That’s right! AND you don’t have to throw it away, although some people clearly need to do just that.  I know, we all have those sentimental things that we love sitting around and there’s nothing wrong with that unless it takes over your entire house. Ask yourself if you feel like you have too much “stuff” hanging around that you don’t need.

Ask yourself the following 3 questions while looking at each item in your home:

  1. Is it SENTIMENTAL? (Does it bring you some kind of emotional value?)
  2. Do you NEED it? (Don’t cheat, be honest)
  3. Does it bring you JOY? (Happiness?)

A general rule of thumb is that an item must have two yeses to stay.

It’s a proven fact that if we keep our spaces organized, we tend to be twice as productive and more energized. Here are a few things that can help.

BasketsStorage Baskets

Baskets can be used to compliment your decor while adding a place to store your clutter. There are so many different styles and shapes to choose from these days so you shouldn’t have any problem finding your perfect match for your room. Baskets are great for organizing childrens toys, games, etc. Baskets are a wonderful solution to any room in your home.

File Boxes

File Boxes

These can be used for more than just clutter. You can use them to hold recipes in, bills, or coupons, etc.


Crates will hold a lot of clutter. Maybe you have an artsy child at home and need a space just for arts and crafts. A crate could be just what you need. Maybe even a few of them 😉 Crates are also great for toys

Your children are more likely to clean their rooms when they have a place to put their toys away at the end of the day.  Try rewarding them for it, that always works.

Plastic ContainersClear Storage Containers

Plastic containers can be found most anywhere and come in all shapes and sizes.  Barbi and Thomas the Train love to be stored in them. These containers can also be used for blankets, sheets, medical supplies, makeup, and the list goes on and on.

Over-the door Storage

These can be used for more than just shoes you guys. They are great for makeup and beauty supplies. Hang one in your bathroom and you’ll be clutter free in no time.

Over the door storage


You may want to install extra cabinets to hold some of your things. Even if you only have room for 1, it’s a step in the right direction 😉

Dog Toy Containers

Click HERE to see more. Dog Toy Storage


Now you’ll just need to make sure everyone puts their things back away after they used them 😉

Luxury Bathroom


Take a Vacation in Your Own Home.

Your bathroom is your place to escape from it all – or, at least, it should be.  When it comes to designing bathrooms, a lot of people opt for the beach theme. Beach themes are very common no matter how far inland you live. But this article isn’t about that kind of bathroom. This article is about a true spa-like place that you can really relax in. The kind of bathroom you won’t want to leave. The kind of bathroom that you’ll want to hang the “do not disturb” sign on the locked door.

First, visualize the things you’d like to have in your bathroom and make a list of them. You’ll want to share this list with the professionals at S&W Cabinets who will bring the dream to life for you. By doing this, you can be sure you’ll achieve your ultimate relaxation space and know your bathroom will be exactly like you want it to be. Ahava Dead Sea Salts


For some, cool tones evoke feelings of calm and cleanliness. While others prefer warm tones that make them feel cozy and at-home. Some people are all about minimalism, which can definitely help reduce stimuli and stress, while others love a richness in details that can bring other emotions to life for them. There is no wrong way to build your personal bathroom get-away, but it is important to define your vision before proceeding. Pinterest is a great place to get some ideas. The more materials and reference photos you have, the more it helps your professionals understand your vision. With a better level of understanding comes an easier time transforming your space into your private getaway.

If any aspect of the vision is going to be a struggle, realize that there is more than likely a number of workarounds – some of which you may love more than the original idea! No matter what the case is, the details can be tweaked and changed, but you should always feel confident and in love with the big picture and final product.

When it comes to great bathroom designs, the inspiration is endless. Data even shows that the quality of your bathroom has an effect on your home’s overall value too. Despite being one of the smaller rooms, bathrooms require equal, if not more design power when compared to larger spaces in your home. From paint color to fittings, vanities and lighting, the list of factors to consider will multiply before you can say “bubble bath.”

Free Standing Bathtub

Heated TubMost people feel that the tub plays the most important roll in the ultimate bathroom. With so many options to choose from these days, you shouldn’t have a problem finding what you want. A tub with lots of room to relax and a few heated jets would be the perfect end to a tiresome day. Or maybe you’d like a free-standing extra deep soaking tub? Your choices are only limited to your budget and imagination.

Shower Tower

If you have room for a separate shower, great! If not, you can still add that touch of “spa” with a jets in the wall. A more affordable option is a jetted Shower Tower, like this one from Anzzi

There a a lot of different designs and options out there!

Etsy Spa Basket


And let’s not forget about all of the extra little things you’ll have to have for pampering yourself, like soaps, scrubs, candles, lotions, etc. You’ll also need a pretty basket to put it all in and set close to your tub as well.

Now let’s talk about bathroom vanities. Will you want a single bowl or a double bowl? If you have the space go for as much countertop as you can. You can even opt for a floating vanity. These mount directly on the wall leaving you room underneath for anything you’d like, or nothing at all for a clean, modern look. Talk to S&W Cabinets about a custom vanity to fit your style and space.

Double your space with a floating vanity

Michael and Christina's Master Bathroom


And let’s not forget about storage. You’ll want some nice cabinets and/or a pantry to keep everything neat and out of site. Shelving adds a nice touch for setting out spa-like items.

Space saving ideas

Space Saving Ideas: Pull-Out Storage.

Let’s face it – we’re all busy, and some of us more than others! What we need are things in our lives to make things less cluttered, easier and faster for us so we have more time to focus on the important things, like spending time with family and friends for example.

One of the things I’m talking about are space saving ideas like pull-out storage for the kitchen or bath. We know all to well what it’s like to try to find a bowl, a pan, or maybe even a cookie sheet in the bottom of a dark cabinet. It’s not fun and it’s hard on your knees. Pull-out storage is the answer and getting it installed is a lot easier than you might think.

Let’s go over a few of the most popular items.


S&W Cabinets has many different drawer organizers and one of them is the Spice Drawer Organizer. If you’re tired of having to move every jar of spice until you finally find the one you’re needing, try this! You’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. The Spice Organizer is also available mounted on the inside of your cabinet door, or as a narrow pull-out base cabinet.

cut to size spice organizer insert

door storage rack wall accessory










Cookware has to be one of the biggest storage problems known to mankind. It’s always in the bottom cabinet, the lids fall out on the floor, and you have to get down on your knees to find what you need and then again to put it all away. Well no more! Not with new Cookware Organizers from S&W Cabinets. Choose from a handy pull-out base cabinet for pots, pans, and lids, a Lazy Susan that you can hang your pots and pans on, or a sturdy wire pullout that includes a place for your lids.

kidney shape 2 shelf corner lazy susan base cabinet pullout with stainless panel base cabinet pullout for cookware














Tired of sifting through a drawer full of utensils looking for your favorite spatula? Search no more because with this Utensils Pull-out from S&W Cabinets it will always be at your fingertips.

cabinet pullout organizer


Do you enjoy making homemade bread, etc. but dislike having that big mixer sitting on your cabinet? Now it doesn’t have to be sitting there taking up all of your space. Put it away and then just pull it out on the Appliance Lift when you want to use it.  When you’re done, simply push it back down. Problem solved!

base accessory appliance lift mechanism


Enjoy a nice glass of wine after a hard days work? Like it room temperature? Keep your bottles conveniently located with either of these options. A pull-out cabinet that holds several bottles, or an under the counter mount for just a couple of bottles. Impressive either way.

under cabinet wine bottle holder

base cabinet pullout wine organizer





Make it easy to find the right lid for those bowls with a new Storage Drawer from S&W Cabinets

base cabinet pullout storage container organizer


Why not keep some of your most used food items handy? Imagine your canned goods, cooking oils, snacks, all conveniently located in a pull-out drawer.

filler pullout organizer with wood adjustable shelves

base cabinet pullout drawer door













Keep that trash out of site and handy at the same time. Like to recycle? So do we and we have the perfect solution. A pull out quad to keep your recyclables separated with ease.

single bottom mount waste container

quad top wood recycle center


Looking for something to keep you even more organized? How about a Custom Pantry built just for you and your space? YES, S&W Cabinets can do that too! Give us a call today or stop by our Showroom.

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