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Adding an outdoor kitchen

With Spring right around the corner, you may be thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen to your home. Here are some ideas for you.


What is a must for an outdoor kitchen?Outdoor Kitchen

The most popular item in most outdoor kitchens is the built in gas grill with access doors and a side burner.  A compact refrigerator, sink and a trash bin are also a very good idea for your new outdoor kitchen. Pizza Ovens are very popular in an outdoor kitchen as well.


Can you build an outdoor kitchen on a concrete slab?

Yes, You need to make sure you have a secure and level foundation to construct your outdoor kitchen on top of. This foundation can be a concrete slab, arrangement of pavers, or even traditional decking.


4 Cons of adding an outdoor kitchen

  1. Outdoor Kitchens Require Space.
  2. You Will Need Some Weather Protection.
  3. Outdoor Kitchens Need Security. Security can become an issue with outdoor kitchens
  4. They Need to be Maintained.

Grill options


Is it worth it to build an outdoor kitchen?

Installing an outdoor kitchen is a great way to get the most out of your backyard, but are they really worth the investment? According to recent studies, outdoor kitchens generate a 100 to 200 percent return on your investment. In other words, they’re worth the money and then some!


How much should an outdoor kitchen cost?

Outdoor kitchens can cost anywhere from $3,000 for one with a good-quality grill, a 6 ft. long counter and a patio to $15,000 and up for higher-end versions with an assortment of appliances. Although it’s tempting to compare outdoor kitchens to the one indoors, there are some key differences in materials. Think sun, rain, wind, etc. 😉


What is the cheapest way to build an outdoor kitchen?

One of the best ways to build an outdoor kitchen on a budget is to work with salvaged materials like recycled stone and brick. They’re less expensive than new materials and are better for the environment.

Ideas For The New Year


With 2021 quickly approaching, you may have some new ideas for the new year. Maybe even a new years resolution.

With the pandemic on the way out (hopefully) we may be able to begin traveling and taking vacations again. Visiting places that we’ve missed, or maybe visiting new and exciting places we’ve never been. Do you have a travel bucket list? We’ve heard skiing is great this time of the year 😉 You don’t even have to leave Missouri if you don’t want to. You can ski at Hidden Valley in St. Louis. 

Or maybe you’d rather go somewhere warm and tropical, maybe even take a cruise.

And what about those new years resolutions? You know, the ones where you vow to lose weight and get healthier?  It’s not a bad idea and I’m sure we can all agree that getting healthier is a good choice no matter what our scales say.  Maybe it’s a good time to think about joining a gym as prices may be more reasonable now.

Another good new years resolution is kicking bad habits to the curb. Nothing like a new year for a fresh start.
Wilsonart Edges beveled profile
Maybe your resolution is to do some home remodeling.  Maybe new cabinets and/or countertops.  
Maybe even a new bathroom vanity.  
Whatever you’re thinking, 
S&W can help.


We are ready to come to your home and prepare an estimate for you at any time. 
Just give us a call at (573) 887-3100

What Time Is It? It’s Time For Gardening, Of Course!

Spring is the best time of the year for most. Trees turn green, beautiful flowers start popping up, and people begin planting their fruit and vegetable gardens.

Your garden can be any size or shape you decide to make it. You can make a raised bed garden, or even a container garden if your space is limited.

These work great on decks as well. Or, you may choose to go all out with a greenhouse.

Tomato Greenhouse

Two of the biggest problems gardeners face are weed control and keeping your garden watered. As you can see in this photo,Garden great care was taken to ensure no weeds grow and the plants are easily kept watered when rain is absent for several days. First, a weed barrier is laid and staked down, followed by irrigation pipes. Planting holes can be placed in any location desired. Grass has been planted between rows and is easily mowed. Both problems solved!

Like tomatoes? Be sure to plant plenty for those BLT’s!!! Cages can be built out of fencing and you’ll want them to be at least 6′ tall. Be sure to put a metal or wooden stake beside each plant and secure your stake to the fencing.


Then use metal “U” shaped stake to firmly secure your fencing to the ground. You can make ties out of an old sheet and use them to secure your plants to the stakes as well.

Ready for some Green Beans?

Green Beans

Whether you choose to plant pole beans or bush beans, you’re going to love the results. Especially if you enjoy canning. If you’re new to canning you can find a great “how to” video HERE.

When it comes time to snap those beans, just round up the kids and put them to work. I loved helping do this as a child but I loved eating the green beans more.

Lettuce take a look at these leaves of goodness.

Lettuce comes in many different varieties and you can easily grown any or all of them in your garden. Varieties include, Romaine, Butter, Baby Leaf, Green Leaf, Endive, Iceberg, and many more. Lettuce is great for salads, wraps, sandwiches, Tacos and many other things. (Don’t forget about that BLT) 

Other popular fruits/vegetables to grow in your garden include potatoes, onions, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, corn, radishes, zucchini, squash, broccoli, and even watermelon.

Things to do during Covid 19

Things To Do With Kids During The CV-19 Quarantine

If you are looking for some fun things to do with the kids while you’re stuck at home, here are some ideas.

Story Time From Space

1. Listen to an Astronaut read from space

Storytime From Space is unlike any other kind of storytime; NASA astronauts read stories to kids while they float around in space. Watch here.

2. Watch the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Sea Otter Cam here

Monterrey Bay Aquarium has a sea otter cam that allows you to watch what the sea otters are doing at any given time of day!

3. Explore Africa with African wildlife cam

Learn more about the wildlife of Africa by checking out this African wildlife cam situated by a busy watering hole.

4. Watch a live stream of puppies here

5. Go camping in the living room.

6. Play board games.

7. Design and go on an indoor treasure hunt.

8. Plan a family garden.

9. Make ice cream in a bag. Recipe here.

10. Make slime. Instructions here.

11. Set up an in-home nail salon and try some nail art techniques. Ideas here.

12. Make a piñata. Instructions here.

13. Make Kinetic Sand. Instructions here.

14. Make and blow bubbles. Instructions here.

15. Teach your pet a new trick.

16. Go in your backyard and look for four-leaf clovers.

17. Write a secret message in invisible ink. Recipe for lemon juice invisible ink here.

18. Play “I Spy” inside or out the window.

19. Clean out your closets.

20. Facetime or Skype with family or friends.

21. Make some play dough. Recipe here.

22. Create a nature scavenger hunt in your back yard.

23. Make a time capsule! One day your kids can use it to tell their kids all about this craziness.

24. Make Rock Candy. Recipe here.

25. Make a paper Fidget Spinner. Instructions here.

26. Make Friendship Bracelets. Instructions here.

27. Learn Magic Tricks. Ideas here.

28. Make Slime. Recipe here.

29. Do chores bingo. Cards here.